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Matthew Moore (Columbus, Ohio USA)

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About the presenter

Matthew Moore is an educator and artist, having taught Speech and Theater for 23 years at Cedarville University and Moody Bible Institute. He is also the founder of Lamp and Light Productions <>. He is beyond excited to serve SEA part-time as the Relationships Manager. May God bless His Word and the compelling art that helps illuminate it!


The Spark + Echo Mission and Opportunity


          Because the Bible is relevant to all people in all places...
          Because all artists in all places are image bearers of God...
          Because artists have a pervasive impact in forming culture...

Spark+Echo Arts forms communities of artists who engage with, and create in response to, the Bible.

If we are successful...

          Artists are affirmed in their calling.
          Artists connect deeply to God and one another.
          Artists from diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds work with each other.
          The Bible is recovered as a common subject of artistic conversation and creation.
          Artists provide the curious with new forms of engagement with Scripture.

Every verse of the Bible will be illuminated with art, music, theatre, poetry, dance, or film by Christian and non-Christian artists from every nation across the world.

View here what has been accomplished so far.


Update from Matthew Moore, Relationships Manager

We have been transitioning our leadership into the future. Two new staff positions have been created and filled: my position as Relationships Manager, and Whitney Keitt as Program Manager. Rebecca Testrake is assuming the role of Executive Director.

Thank you for your prayers and support of this very unique mission. To help us with funding this mission, we have created the 3C campaign.

The 3C funding campaign is encouraging people to give $3, $33, or $333 to help us to...

            • Commission all new artists to illuminate more of the Bible with great art
            • Connect people to the Bible in new, compelling ways
            • Cover some of the day-to-day costs of running Spark an Echo

It's easy to donate to our GoFundMe campaign right here. Thank you again for your support, and God bless you for being a blessing to us.


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Maida Jaspersen (Bethany Lutheran College) 2022-10-25 1:03:04am
Hello Matthew, this is such an exciting project!! Thank you for sharing!
Bella Cook (Bethany lutheran College) 2022-10-26 3:14:37am
Hello, this project is super cool. what's your favorite art that's been created from a bible passage? I viewed some of the art and its all beautiful. I think the bible his a wonderful place to find inspiration.
Tom Kuster (The Christ in Media Institute) 2022-11-02 1:41:15am
Visitors, please do check in to look at the S+E website. Not only are the artworks fantastic (plan to spend a while there), but the web design to display them is an artwork in itself.